World Champion joins the UWM

Konrad Bukowiecki
Konrad Bukowiecki – the World Champion in the shot put will soon join the AZS UWM Sports Club.

At present, Konrad Bukowiecki still represents the Police Sports Club Gwardia Szczytno operating at the Police Academy in Szczytno. Bukowiecki will represent the AZS UWM Sports Club after signing an agreement, the drafting of which is currently being completed by the lawyers. How did it happen that the world champion is going to join a university club?

“We presented such an initiative to Konrad and his coach, who is his father, Ireneusz, and they accepted it. We offered to him good training conditions. The President of Olsztyn was also interested in the issue of Konrad Bukowiecki’s transfer to Olsztyn, and offered a scholarship to the athlete,” Marek Roguski, the manager of the AZS UWM Sports Club explains.

“I have been struggled with this decision for a few years. In my home town, Szczytno, I do not receive a scholarship. Actually, I have never been granted one, so I decided it was high time to change the club. Let us admit – everyone works to earn money, and I treat sport as my work,” Konrad Bukowiecki said to the UWM FM Radio. “I decided that if I had to change the town, then why change the province at the same time? President Grzymowicz came up with an initiative of my movement to Olsztyn. We reached an agreement and I believe that this cooperation will be very beneficial,” he adds.


Konrad Bukowiecki (born on 17 March 1997 in Szczytno) – is a Polish athlete specialising in shot put and discus. In 2013, he was the fifth in the shot put competition at the World Youth Championships and the gold winner in the shot put and discus at the European Youth Olympic Festival. In July 2014, he became the World Junior Champion in Eugene, and in August the same year he won a gold medal at the Youth Olympic Games. He also holds the current Polish record in the shot put – 21.97 m. In two years, this shot-putter will represent AZS UWM Olsztyn during the Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

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